Our Story

Innoventure Partners is founded on attributes of excellence throughout the organization, ensuring the highest standards of success for our clients and partners. Our top level executives have a diverse background in many fields of business, and over a century’s worth of practical business experience relating directly to the needs of our clientele. The common values we share link us in a unified goal to help our partners outdistance the competition. Utilizing our strengths and available assets we help companies reach for the future and achieve prosperity.

Our industry knowledge spans the spectrum from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and we fully understand how to combine people with capital and strategy to form strong companies ready to do business in today’s marketplace. Our passion and commitments to be the best in our fields led us to believe that we could most effectively serve our clientele through combined efforts as a unified team. This commitment led to the creation of Innoventure Partners.

We don’t just lead our clients, but walk beside them in their quest for success. By standing shoulder to shoulder, we can best plot a course to help clients achieve their goals. To drive success, you must first become driven. Innoventure Partners is a driving force, ready to help you succeed.