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At Innoventure Partners, we have a specific approach to how we evaluate potential clients and how we can help them. Our goal is to be an extension of our clients’ teams, and as such it is key that we bring value to them. In each area of our business, we have a methodology to determining if we truly can bring the value we promise to our clients.

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In our portfolio, we have investments in companies ranging from $500k to over $1 million, and have worked alongside blue chip Venture Capital firms, private equity firms, and family offices. We see ourselves in two capacities, one for our investors and one for our clients.

For our investors, we are trying to get them access to the best deals with the most innovative and promising companies. The companies we invest in have products and services that are innovative and unique, ready for primetime, and business models that are built on driving revenue, growth, and profitability.

For our clients, our goal is to get them access to the best value from the most strategic investors. We focus, typically, on Series A or later rounds with a network of investors that includes tech industry veterans, tech investment veterans, and high-net-worth family offices. The capital that we bring into our clients is both strategic and committed to the success of the businesses. We only invest in the highest quality companies with the highest quality investors.

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When it comes to strategy, our expertise clearly lies in technology on the Asian and North American continents. With a proven track record in both of these regions, this is where we are best suited to help our clients. With access to current and former executives of industry leaders such as Fun Talk, Western Digital, Dell, and more, our clients get access to minds that understand the space intimately from both the corporate and start-up sides of the table. With current clients existing in both categories, we have built a reputation of not just knowing how to succeed, but executing with our clients to see potential success come to fruition.

Our objective is to help companies that have goals ranging from simple entrance into a new regional market to scaling multi-million dollar growth across multiple markets. North America is the largest and most competitive market in the world, while India and China have Asia poised as the fastest growing market in the world. The opportunity for success in these two regions is immense, and our goal is to find the right clients to help grow within them.

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Business Development

In the hyper-competitive markets in North America and Asia, it is often difficult for companies to gain traction through traditional sales and marketing. With Innoventure Partners’ vast network across the industry, we work to help our clients expedite growth through strategic distribution. With access to channels across retail, manufacturing, carriers, and services, we’re positioned to act as a catalyst to growth for our clients.

We specifically look for innovative, primetime-ready technologies and companies that are poised for growth in our target markets. We then look to leverage that technology through access to the strategic partnerships. Given the right company, technology, and vision, there are very few potential partners in North America and Asia that we cannot gain access to.

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