Investing & Mobile Day.

In 2014 Innoventure Partners was approached by Mobile Day to help with B-Round funding for their new products which help business productivity. Their innovative app allows users to schedule meetings and be ready to connect to teleconferencing with the touch of a button, while all phone numbers, connection codes, and meeting times are stored within the users calendar and scheduling apps. This makes for a one touch solution that enhances productivity.

During the investment round, Mobile Day had already secured institutional investors, including some of the more prominent venture capital firms in the United States. With a little more than $1 million left to go in the round, Mobile Day wanted to procure investment from industry leaders and veterans familiar with or excited by the technology. As the close of the investment round was nearing, Innoventure Partners was contacted to help meet the goals.


Innoventure Partners called upon its network of investors throughout North America and Asia to fund the new technology. Investors within the Innoventure network were given the ability to work with blue chip investors already within the stable of Mobile Day. Through the help of Innoventure Partners, Mobile Day exceeded their investment requirements while creating an investor base which has proven to be more strategic, helpful and goal oriented, in line with the development and expansion needs of Mobile Day.

Strategy & Zagg.

Zagg, a midsize company which specializes in the development and manufacture of accessories for mobile devices, recently contacted Innoventure Partners to help develop a strategy for market expansion within the ever growing Asian sectors. Having already established their share of the market in the United States and with a firm foothold in Europe, they felt the next logical step was to push forward into Asia. The markets in China, India, and other areas of the Asian continent grow at an exponential pace, making the move a no brainer.

Due to differences in culture, currency, and business practices, it has always been a challenge to conduct business in the Asian markets. Innoventure Partners set forth to develop a customized development plan to allow Zagg to enter the market seamlessly. Conquering these cultural divides was paramount to the success of making an economically feasible entrance to the economy.




Although the growth of the Asian market in its entirety is exceptional, each of the sub-markets operates in a different way, requiring a managed approach to suit the needs of each sector. Working with Innoventure Partners in the United States, Singapore, Bangalore, and Shanghai, Zagg has been able to enter into China and India, which are two of the most expansive mobile technology markets in the global space. The move also includes introduction into a further five countries within the Asian-Pacific area.

Zagg is able to achieve this diverse expansion due to the efforts of Innoventure Partners. We have helped them to create a distribution and retail outlet market for both online and brick-and-mortar locations. The application of intelligent logistics, smart marketing, and timely supply chain management is spurring this growth and ensuring continued expansion and market share for the foreseeable future.

Business Development & MiMedia.

MiMedia is a leader in emerging cloud technologies that allow customers to share and work with their personal media, such as pictures, video, music, and numerous other file types. Cloud technology is taking a firm foothold in the industry by offering a simple way to manage files of any type from numerous locations, while also providing security from having non-centralized file locations. This allows multiple people to work with files from numerous locations, while also providing the safety of having copies readily available on external servers for backup redundancy. Cloud technology is fast becoming the standard in both business and personal areas, but we believe that the current iteration is far from perfect. It is fragmented between various vendors, often times difficult to use, and ultimately broken.

MiMedia’s approach conquers this problem by offering a solution that operates across multiple operating systems and devices. Individual front-ends which all tie seamlessly to a unified back-end on the cloud mean that your data will be available no matter what OS or device you may currently be using. With the world becoming more data-centric every day, access to data in a fast, intuitive, and seamless manner is paramount to success in both personal and business matters. Innoventure Partners was contacted to collaborate closely with MiMedia to help push business development forward in many areas.




With the help of Innoventure Partners, MiMedia was able to pen deals with the top OEM of handset devices in India, making their cloud platform the exclusive solution on every handset. In the United States, Innoventure and MiMedia have struck a deal with a top U.S. retailer to become their premium cloud services provider. Through continued partnership, talks are underway to provide more cloud based services to top manufacturers and service providers for products as diverse as handsets, handhelds, cameras, and hard drives.

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