Innoventure Partners sits at the pinnacle of available capital, an extraordinary distribution network, and extensive knowledge of wireless, tech, and web-enabled sectors. With access to investment capital and established distribution channels, we have a proven formula for success.

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We can help you find the much needed funding to further your business. We strive to help find investments from a variety of reliable sources which will help strategically grow the value of your company. These sources can include funds from strategic individual investors, institutional investors, and directly from Innoventure Partners.

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With decades of experience on our side, Innoventure Partners will help guide you along the path to success. We have extensive experience to help you with all aspects of your business—including fund raising, manufacturing, marketing, sales, supply chain management, and distribution—from your product’s conception to its final delivery.

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By partnering with us, you have access to strategic distribution that give you the advantage of a foot in the door with potential customers. We work closely with online and conventional retailers, wireless carriers, content aggregators, OEM and device manufacturers, and operating systems integrators. Through the partnerships, we can find buyers for your products within our trusted networks.

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